Vacation Custodian Schedule Promotes Peace Between Parents Divorced

Celebrating the holidays will indeed make you feel very stressed. But maybe in the tension later, you will also be able to increase stress, especially if your parents divorced and even try to entrust his child to another person or even worse is to child care.

The possibility of spending a special day without your children, or for a little time out of the ordinary, can cause emotions of loss and anger. However, with an appropriate holiday schedule in your parenting plan, you can minimize frustration and develop strategies paket wisata karimunjawa so that you, your parents and your kids can have fun.

Tips for Smooth Holidays

Here are 6 strategies to approach the holidays with your kids after your divorce:

At least, you can start creating a schedule on your early days off. Do not let you rely on parents in solving this especially when going to visit during the holidays. Rancanakan everything in more detail and describe also things starting from where the children are there every day and even until the time and date of transfer between your home which later will indeed be able to make everything smooth and low conflict.

Make plans for your entire vacation. Keep yourself busy when your children are not with you so you do not think about their absence. Schedule something fun, relaxing and fulfilling for you. It could be like hanging out with a big family or trying something completely new.

There is nothing wrong if today you still want to maintain the old tradition and even though your family may also have changed a lot over the last year. You can still stick to a holiday tradition that has many meanings, especially if it is for you and even for your family. Perhaps even though you will not be able to do many things right now or even similar to those in the past, keeping the tradition as one part of the holiday will in fact help your children in honoring part of your holiday and that’s all Will be able to help your children in honor of their own inheritance.

Create a new tradition. Holidays are a great time to experiment with fun rituals that can generate new family traditions. This is a way to convince your children that changes to your vacation are not automatically a bad thing. Involve your children in choosing new traditions.

At least, you will be able to make yourself what the plan is like when will communicate with many of your children, especially on the holiday event. Maybe if they are not with you anymore. Instead, you still want to spend a little time or even a few minutes with them over the phone, VCall, or even their voice notes. Making contact with your children will help you overcome your separateness and keep your relationship strong.

Keep it real. Do not feel overcompensate for fun activities, gifts, events and moments when you divorce and share holidays with other parents. Keep the holidays realistic and do not set a noble holiday destination for yourself and your children. Remember that fun and fun family time is what children need most.