Wahana Outbound Malang

Playing with water or wet raptures really nice and gives freshness, especially for children. Children who really want to play, always passionate when used in water games such as pool or water park. Not just the kids love playing in the water, but also adults.


At the pool or water park that is the worst when it comes down, rafting options to fit your needs. Traveling abroad has become the main alternative anti-rapids that flow so attractive for water sports and recreation.




We refer to this issue rafting is an alternative for tourists, especially tourists and admirers of water sports. Rafting trips out in the popular excitement, the adrenaline will be encouraged by the Brantas fast with 3 + this degree. Speeding up your heart so increasingly faster faster.


Now there are several suppliers of rafting because in Manchester, but there is rafting vendors tested their faith and service were so good, namely Batu Rafting. Malang and Batu rafting Rafting provider to fill out the extreme passionate way.


It will take a raft to navigate Brantas. With rafting for 12 km, and flows with Class 3 + vibrate and make you happy. Never can, this way is the highest number of people in Manchester! When geldungannya too long, that is, during 2-3 hours.


Every problem got right out of the rapids, you put a lot of revenue streams quickly and boulders? Sure rafting outbound outbound Malang safe, because wearing full safety and decide the national standard. Beyond that, the goal of natural or supervision, as certified fear for your safety.


Outbound Wahan rafting in Malaga Malag full effect, offering lunch, snacks and hot drinks in the break room, took the floor base camp to base camp to start and end. Distribution of the national series as well as their guides are certified and friendly.


For the price of USD 165. 000 / per person during weekday (Monday-Friday) and Rp 180,000 / person at weekends (saturday-sunday. Feelings of rafting will be worth your adrenaline success.

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