Warehouse Equipment Review – Decking

Few people pay attention to stored products – unless something goes wrong. In the warehouse, the decking becomes more than just something to hold cartons, crates and pallets. That is why it is an important part of the equation of warehousing equipment. This can improve storage capabilities and improve personnel security.

It comes in a variety of materials and configurations. We will check some of them here.

Wire jewelry Wire wrapping on pallet racks contributes to the prevention of product damage and personnel injury when mounted on pallet racks, wide rack racks and rack rack systems. Made with welded steel nets, mounted quickly and easily. To support the load, the channel is welded to the bottom of the deck between the palette palette blocks. One of the key advantages of this system is the cleaner rack rate. Dust and debris have accumulated harga mdf difficulties. In addition, it allows light sprinkler water and fire through it, improving security.

Wooden decking Plywood or particle board creates a solid and sturdy foundation for placing palletized and non-palletized items. It is also a cheap alternative.

Solid metal decking For palletized and non-palletized items, solid metal offers a more powerful alternative to wire decking. But still easy to install and fire resistant. This is an effective and cost-effective way to provide a smooth surface for easy removal.

Rain-hollow decking In case of fire, drying of hollow rain allows the sprinkler water to flow through the level of the storage system. It meets or exceeds fire code requirements and has load capacity similar to solid metal. Ideal for storing items that may fall through wire decking, rain decking has a smooth top and bottom surface.

Decking b. The most common form of roof deck, also known as b-deck, roof deck or corrugated steel – is a great choice for the mezzanine floor. It’s strong, economical and lightweight. B decking can be used as sub-floor with other surfaces, such as plywood, resin coated plywood or diamond plate.

The plywood decking The plywood on the B metal deck allows the operation of pallet jacks and other geared items on the mezzanine. It is economical and provides a smooth surface for moving pallets. Decking of resin-lined plywood reduces maintenance and increases the life of the mezzanine floor.

Diamond plate decking The most durable mezzanine floor option, decking of diamond plates on decking B is often used in the gate area where materials are removed by forklifts.

Bar grating decking. Used for the mezzanine floor where ventilation, lighting and fire settings are of concern, the bar lattice deck consists of welded and painted steel rods that can be sized to meet the requirements.

Metal board decking Designed for outdoor flooring applications, freezers and wet mezzanine floor applications, metal board decking is made of galvanized metal to allow water, light and air to pass through. Jagged surfaces are optional to provide traction.