Ways to Increase Sales Online Store

Own and are ready to undergo your online store? Here are 15 tips to increase online sales that you can implement and get a lot of sales, but how?

Here are the ways you can do to improve the rating of your online store conversion which leads to increased sales:

1. Show Reviews

Opinion of the consumer is an important factor for potential other consumers. If an online store does not have this service, consumers will look for other online store which features reviews previous purchases to convince them when to make a purchase.

Showing reviews show openness and honesty you as the owner of an online store. Today there are many plugins that can help you manage these features without the need for the involvement of a web developer.

Moreover, here you can show your customer service if there were complaints from consumers. This shows the good performance of the online store to serve customers.

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2. Choose the Right Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Selection of payment gateway will affect many or at least your costs and the benefits that you get in terms of payment channels to consumers. Learn, for example, whether the payment gateway will you choose can be supported by your online store platform, what it costs, what kind of security features and so on.

This process is quite complicated, but it is an important decision that should be made. Selection of the appropriate payment gateway to facilitate consumers in making payments and also save on your expenses.

3. Research Keywords Early

This process can actually do on your own or rely on the SEO agency to help you. But any way you choose, this process must be done from scratch.

While doing so, invest resources in building awareness of your own products so that potential customers can find out where your product online store.

4. Add Price Comparison

If the online store you do not give the lowest price for a product, then give a guarantee that you will provide a comparable price or even cheaper than your rival online store. This simple thing to have an impact as much as 9% increase in conversion (the result of a study on the retail of sporting goods in the United States).

5. Build Trust

Based on studies of Actual Insights , more than 75% of consumers stated that a logo affect their trust in the online store website. More worth the same percentage also stated that one of the reasons consumers make a purchase at an online store is because of their lack of faith.

Therefore you build trust online stores to consumers in ways such as the logo, a certificate or an explanation how a secure checkout.

6. Use Google Analytics

This feature can be used to create categories and landing pages for products that are most sought after. This could make your rankings on Google increases, which then prompts the user faster when searching a product that relates to your online store. Thus, this means there will be more and more users are clicking on your online store website and was born a high conversion .

7. Show Address and Contact


New consumers who are not familiar with them you will make a purchase with a sense of fear or worry. This is not surprising because there is a lot of abuse or fraud to the credit card.

Give them the reassurance such as contact phone so that consumers can immediately contact you if something goes wrong.

8. Free Returns

There are so many online stores that do not provide a return service free of charge to their customers who are not satisfied with the product obtained. So, add this service on your online store.

According to Comscore , at least 51% of online consumers expect these services, and 89% said they would go back online shopping at the same store if they experience running well.

9. Use the Right Sentence

This factor is very important especially for those who sell internationally. Avoid the use of slang or casual conversation sentences every day. Rather use a standard language to avoid misunderstandings with consumers.

10. Include Estimated Delivery Time

Ability to select and view the delivery date can better help and serve your customers. Create automated features that provide information to consumers after the order is shipped, and allow consumers to track their orders. This feature is very important to build a sense of consumer confidence and also save the job of customer service.

11. Pick up Ball

Rather than wait and bring customers to you, why not try to approach them through channels such as eBay or Amazon. Although you have to pay, but this is a good way to broaden your reach and start building the database.

12. Buyer Is King

Do not assume your customers just as someone who once came and went. Think of them as a lifetime value that will make your next purchase. So you will be more proactive in communicating with consumers.

Start getting up a database from scratch and communicate (by email for example) along with your customers as often as possible without interfering with their time.

13. Attend Conference

A time to yourself to attend many conferences eCommerce and digital marketing. If you are serious about your online business, this meeting will help you get what you need. You can also meet other people in the same plane and have the possibility of working with them.

14. Use Best Picture

Make sure you display the best photos in your online store

Always investing in aspects of professional photography. Images of a product will look good on the website and offsite (from Google page) if you are relying on the expertise of professional photographers. A striking visual image can make a huge difference to the consumer’s decision to purchase.

15. Select Platform Website With Wisdom

The process that one needs to be run with full consideration given the very high level of importance. For those of you that are new in the online business, it is advisable to dare to think long term.

Determine whether your online store platform can adapt as businesses grow your online store? If yes then most likely you will save money because it will not keep changing platforms.

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