What to Do While on Vacation


When the holidays come, it can be difficult for people who have just experienced a divorce. This is more than that if children are separated from marriage. Vacation is a reminder of families that are no longer shared and impacted, this can be a heartbreaking opportunity for the first few years after dating. But you can build a new tradition that makes your year special again. For some, they may find themselves together for the holidays and can keep the peace for the sake of the children harga paket karimunjawa. This is probably not going to happen right now, because there may be feelings of hurt that are looming and until this is gone, then your dad should be able to handle special occasions for.

1. With all the excitement and confusion that can happen during the holidays, it is up to you to plan ahead when managing your family remotely. Being able to plan and communicate your intentions well without being aggressive towards them will help your ex not to feel depressed.

2. It may be difficult to fulfill all the promises you give to your children, but especially if the divorce is noticed, it is a very sticky time in life to start breaking promises. Make sure that you keep your promises to your children especially during the holidays.

3. Allows flexibility in your planning. Since the family is now separated, you have to face the fact that the family plan does not have to be your plan. You may find that children may spend the holidays with Mother and not you. In this case you must be willing to accept change and work around them. Compromise is also important here.

4. There is nothing wrong with having two series of holiday celebrations if you have to do it. As I said before, communicate your intentions to the people involved earlier. Establishing your own tradition supports the fact that children have two powerful homes.

5. Children must be involved in planning activities that involve them. If possible, they should be encouraged to make decisions about when and where to spend the holidays. Let them understand even though there will be no difficult feelings involved and that it is an important part of the collaboration between their parents.

6. Do not let the guilt overwhelm your common sense and let you spoil your kids during the holidays. First of all, they can see through your efforts to buy their affection and you should always act like a responsible parent even if there is a change in your life arrangement.

7. If you end up spending your own vacation, do not look for fun. I know that this will be a difficult thing to remember especially with memories of a better time, but take the opportunity to spend time with family and friends who support or make some other special plans.

Appropriate communication and planning will help make the situation better for everyone. Experts recommend entering into a parenting contract with your ex-wife that includes places where children will spend their holidays and birthdays. It will benefit everyone in the long run because debating the same thing over and over will eventually take its toll. In addition, you may end up disappointing your children’s expectations. Having things like this written in black and white will save everyone with drama and heartache.