Where to Install Smoke Alarms?

Awareness in Indonesia to install the Smoke Alarm be it at home, office or factory is increasing from time to time. This is in addition factors require regulations that would require installing fire detection sensors, as well as increasing public awareness about the potential fire hazards to life and property. Smoke alarms or smoke sensor is a sensor type of fire most lajim used in Indonesia.

Jual Fire Alarm Surabaya –┬áThis detector will detect the intensity of the smoke in a room and sound an alarm in the event of smoke high intensity. Few data from fire deparment in New Zealand, a total of approximately 3,500 homes burned each year in New Zealand, 80% of them do not install smoke alarms as an early warning and loss of life was inevitable.

Installing smoke alarms will increase the security level on the risk of fire. At the moment we are sleeping or busy work, the presence of smoke is often not detected and the role of smoke detectors to give early warning is very helpful.

Where to put Smoke detector?

Naturally the smoke will move up and move spread along the ceiling. The smoke will find a gap and move vertically. When there is no gap because of a closed ceiling, the smoke will move down again to fill the room. Installing smoke alarms on the ceiling becomes important in detecting smoke, but when mounting on the ceiling can not be done and should be mounted on the wall, you must install a minimum of 1 cm below the ceiling to avoid the formation of pockets of dead air.

Type Optical Smoke Detector, pretty much recommended for long-term installation in homes and offices. For more details you can read about Know Your Sensor Type Fire in the previous article. The mounting location of smoke detector is recommended in pairs around the room in your house and the others connected together, so that when there is a fire warning will be heard by the whole house.
The location was avoided for Installation Smoke detector?

There are various kinds of alarms for different locations in the house . Installing a smoke alarm in the wrong place can cause alarm function disorders .

Not recommended to install a smoke alarm in your kitchen . Smoke and heat from the process of cooking and the toaster can turn on the alarm and warn paksu. For the same reason smoke alarms should not be installed in bathrooms especially equipped hot water faucet . Installation Garage sensor function can also be disturbed by vehicle exhaust fumes.
The location was avoided for Installation Smoke detector

For an overview of products smoke alarm or smoke sensor is recommended will be discussed in the topic Product Overview . If you have experience using the type or brand of smoke alarm please tell me your thoughts and send to h.uusafini [at] gmail.com as refferensi material. thanks.