Why You Should Be Done Before Buying a Used Land Survey Land

land purchase, whether commercial or residential, is always an expensive venture, even if prices have eased somewhat lately. This is why finding a plot of land that you like and make a bid for it without conducting land surveys in this area may be the biggest mistake you can make.

This is why it is very important that you have ground measurements performed first:

land surveyor can determine whether you really get what you would pay for. This means knowing whether sidewalks, trees, driveways and even a bird bath is part of the property you will buy. land surveying will also determine whether a neighbor breaking into the property, which will then mean urugan semarang you will have problems in the future with your neighbors.

Hire a land surveyor does not just mean they determine what you get or do not get – land surveyors are experts, and they can help with building regulations, regulation of wetlands, etc. Note that this rule can be changed at any time, but the land surveyor must be updated on regulations that, or they will refer you to someone.

What if the owner of the land at this time (who sold the land) can provide you with the old land survey documents? You still have to hire your own land surveyor checks to see whether the monument boundary is still in place. Also, land survey conducted a few years ago may not reflect recent changes soil. If the survey is no older than about ten years old, you must obtain a new survey. Technology and standard survey both much better now and should give you more confidence in the survey work.

Second, a survey completed for the owner. She may have instructed the surveyor did not show certain things in the picture. At least have the land surveyors go out and review the package with this survey in hand. We have seen many cases where a new land survey will save thousands of buyers so it does not become a victim.

I’ve heard many people say hire a land surveyor is nothing but an unnecessary burden. I’ll tell you what does not need to: the stress caused by paying thousands of dollars for something and end up not getting what you expect. If you’re smart, you’ll hire a certified land surveyor before making a purchase of land. Believe me, it was all worth it and you will be glad you have the land surveyed.