You Can Have a Stress-Free Vacation

The holiday season usually has time for the deck in the hall, feeling cheerful and gathering with family and friends. Unfortunately, the pressure of this season’s buy gift, preparing holiday parties and playing host to family and friends – can make the holiday so nothing but congratulations! During this busy time bustle, women often feel responsible for making the holiday perfect. This can make you feel overwhelmed and pressed for time, stress and fatigue.

Still, it’s possible to recapture the meaning of the holiday karimunjawa travel season and make it really fun for you and your family. Try this defensive strategy and you can also rejoice in stressful and meaningful holiday seasons.

Determine REALISTIC GOALS IN THE LINE WITH YOUR FAMILY VALUE – a perfect holiday meeting can make you feel disappointed if your celebration does not match your expectations. I remember a client, a busy mother of three children, who insisted on continuing the old tradition of installing and decorating three Christmas trees each year in a medium-sized house. I suggest that we ask the family if it is important for them to have three christmas trees in their home to enjoy their holiday. They unanimously shared the three Christmas trees as their mother’s idea, and more importantly for them to enjoy time with their parents rather than the number of Christmas trees they occupy. This is a great example of how important it is to maintain your goals and expectations realistically.

DO NOT PROCRASTINATE – last-minute shopping can save you a lot of money, but headaches, extra time and stress you’ll experience against people are not worth doing. Make a list and finish your destination on a certain date so you can relax and really enjoy the holiday.

KEEP IT IS SIMPLE – Food does not have to be complicated to be amazing. After several years of trying, I finally convinced my mother that we did not need fine porcelain and polished silver to enjoy a wonderful holiday together. After he stopped this complex tradition, we had a stress-free quality time with him, which was far more important than eating in porcelain (and washing his hands) well.

Suggest that your guests reach out and bring side food to the party. When shipping, choose a simple and wise gift than an expensive one.

HAVE A PLAN – BUT GOING WITH FLOW – The holiday tradition developed over the years. While you may be disappointed if you can not re-enact proper celebrations first, learn to follow the flow so you can find happiness in creating new memories with your family.

HEALTHY STAY – You can not really appreciate a vacation if you are tired and exhausted with too much food, drink and too little sleep. Be aware of your physical and mental well-being during this busy period.

TAKE BREAK AND BREATHE! – Try not to spread too much by yourself. Setting limits and learning says that there is never a more important skill to exercise than during the holidays. Remember the true meaning of the season and just attend the holiday activities and family gatherings you enjoy and set aside time for yourself every day. You should be as good as yourself as you are toward others.